About Zillion International

Zillion International offers decision makers and trend watchers, a comprehensive coverage of trends, technological developments and strategic issues in international magazine across a number of industry verticals. Zillion is founded by a group of experienced international editors and first published in 1999. Zillion Magazine, is published in the English language and is available as a print publication only; this website serves uniquely to give you a general idea of our publication and its focus areas.

Where does Zillion International find news?

Our network of editors closely monitors news sources from all over the world. In order to provide our readers with the story behind the press release, we interview the people and companies who make today’s and tomorrow’s headlines.

Who reads Zillion International?

The typical Zillion reader serves in middle and senior management at internationally-oriented companies across a number of verticals. Geographically our readership reflects what we write about; our readers can be found in Europe, North America, and in the Middle and Far East.