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Ranked as an industry leader by several industry analysts, Clavister is a leading security provider for fixed, mobile and virtual network environments. The company is predominantly active in Europe but has a presence in China, and recently announced new distribution and integrator partnerships in Japan. Nikolas Georgii, VP marketing for Clavister, and worldwide Channel manager Shinobu Färnlöf explain why they believe there is growth potential in specific segments of the Japanese market.

Clavister was founded in 1997, in Sweden. In recent years the company rose to prominence following Edward Snowden’s leaking of PRISM, a clandestine mass electronic surveillance data mining programme launched in 2007 by the US National Security Agency (NSA). PRISM targeted communications that were encrypted when they travelled across the Internet backbone, and it became known that Clavister’s was one of few to offer a backdoor-free security solution. “Following the NSA scandal, we won customers from all over the world, notably South America,” says Mr. Georgii. Also raising Clavister’s international profile, the company listed on the First North at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm in May of this year.

Clavister offers both appliances and software solutions but following its public listing and the appointment of a new CEO earlier this year, shifted its strategy more toward telecom operators with LTE small cell security. Clavister delivers 4G and LTE solutions to telecom operators but also to OEMs, as embedded security solutions. The company recently introduced a range of security products that enable mobile network operators to secure their 4G and LTE networks against cyber attacks and data interception.

Notable in that regard is its LTE Small Cell Security solution for future generation mobile networks. This solution delivers a virtualised environment running on Intel® products, providing authenticated, encrypted connectivity from multiple small cell base stations to 4G and LTE mobile cores, protecting both the network and subscribers’ data traffic against unauthorised access and interception. This addresses the need to secure the fast-growing number of small base stations being deployed to address subscribers’ bandwidth needs in public areas. Clavister is also developing lowfootprint, embedded security technology to help electronics manufacturers to secure IP-connected smart devices.

ClavisterLTE and 4G could also drive growth for Clavister in Japan, says Ms Färnlöf. At the CEATEC event, the Japanese equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show, she gave a presentation on Clavister’s nextgeneration network security solutions, and embedded security technology for the ‘Internet of Things’. Clavister has partnered with MIRAIT, a construction of telecommunications infrastructure company, and is also working with leading distributor Bluestar Corporation to appoint more partners to further develop its channels to market in Japan.

These partners have already given Clavister some valuable leads, according to Ms. Färnlöf. “Japan is a highly competitive market but we believe that there are opportunities for Clavister’s next generation firewall technology in specific OEM and telecommunication markets. ” Mr. Georgii believes Japan has more potential than China for Clavister in terms of selling into OEM and telecommunications markets


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